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Download article from Dansk Erhverv March 2009 - Click on the images.

Wiik’s Values

Code of Conduct

Wiik & Co. A/S staff work to a global  “code of behaviour” – a set of rules serving as a guide on the business behaviour of our organization, and helping our staff to keep up an ethical behaviour round the world. This is referred to as our “Code of Conduct”. As far as at all possible, we aim to act to this set of rules though we are fully aware that this may not be accomplished in relation to all our appr. 300 suppliers and their sub-contractors. Claiming to achieve this would seem naïve.

All Wiik & Co. A/S staff and partners are obliged and committed to know and understand not only the guidelines contained in our Code of Conduct but also the values upon which it is based. We are committed to do whatever we can to implement the wording and the spirit of this set of rules, and to help others to do likewise.

Even though our Code of Conduct contains a considerable number of guidelines on integrity and business behaviour, no set of rules may relate to all situations a person may find himself/herself in or be exposed to. This set of rules is thus not meant as a substitute for our responsibility and our duty and commitment to exercise sound judgment in accordance with Wiik’s values, while seeking guidance on proper business behaviour.

Our Code of Conduct particularly includes:

  • Complying with local law.
  • Abusing child labour is not acceptable.
  • If children aged 12-15 work because that is permissible in the particular country, any such work should be conducted as part of a training procedure, and on special conditions only.
  • Forced labour is not acceptable.
  • Staff may not be punished physically, psychically or in any humiliating manner.
  • Importance is attached to provide a healthy working environment and proper staff facilities.
  • Staff shall be entitled to organize and negotiate wages jointly.
  • Discrimination is not acceptable.
  • Working hours and wages are to comply with the rules of the particular country.
  • Working overtime should be on a voluntary basis, and the particular staff must be paid for any such overtime work.

Consumers should feel confident about our products. Strict safety and quality standards are set and applied by us, to help us maintain product safety and reliability throughout our production chain. Any fault or error would be detected by our systems which will trace products and ingredients so as to enable us to take immediate action. 

Overall View

Highly detailed standards have been set for our products, and for food safety and reliability throughout the food chain. Consequently, all parties concerned - all the way from suppliers to consumers - will be involved in our work on food safety and reliability.


We keep up to date on developments through external consultants, education and training, media, as well as close contact with our suppliers - ensuring that the information and knowledge required to make a preventive effort will be available to us.

Product Quality

Products and ingredients meeting the relevant standards and specifications are provided by us.

Foreign Bodies and Impurities

Consumers are protected by us. Measures are taken to prevent their being injured or harmed by foreign bodies and impurities and/or extraneous substances in our products.


Safe products are provided by us by applying hygienic processes and production facilities, and by observing clear personal hygiene routines. 

Production Facilities

Relevant standards will be met or surpassed for maintenance and cleaning of buildings and equipment, to provide food safety throughout the supply chain.

Pest Control

Our facilities are kept free of pests and vermin by applying a proactive program.


Systems are available for tracing of raw materials, ingredients, and finished products.

Product Recall

If a product problem is detected, consumers will be protected by recalling products thought to constitute a health hazard. 


To provide a proper basis for an active choice by consumers, the ingredients of all our products are declared by us. We keep up to date on the latest knowledge on the allergy field, applying safe purchasing and production methods to prevent contamination. 

Nothing ever comes of just talking. To live up to our Code of Conduct, Wiik & Co. are involved in several CSR projects in the supplier countries – including Africa. If you can, please read the Danish article in Dansk Erhverv article no. 10/2009 on our activities in Africa.

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