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Wiik & Co.

Through more than 77 years Wiik & Co. has been one of the
most important suppliers of food products in the Nordic region.
We are focused on the high quality of our products, which we buy
from many countries throughout the world via long-standing and reliable suppliers.

We deliver our products to foodservice wholesalers, retailers and the food industry,
either directly in containers or on pallets via our sizeable 4,000 m2 warehouse.

Our range of products has always been characterized by a great variety and novelties. This we do in cooperation with our Nordic clients to give the consumers and the restaurant guests’ unique opportunities of capturing the world and enjoying the differences of the various daily meals as tasteful courses.

Wiik & Co. A/S was established in 1932, and has been in the family for three generations.

Karl Wiik established the company by importing meat and casings from South and North America. In the 1960’es his son, Ole Wiik, arrived in the company and the product range expanded extensively to include canned fish, fruit and vegetables also. These are our main products today.

In the 1990’es Wiik & Co. established one of the largest asparagus plants in Peru. This pioneer work made Wiik & Co. well known and respected by most of the asparagus manufacturers of the world.

Furthermore the experience from this has made us a specialist and one of the market leaders of the asparagus markets in Europe.

In 1997 Ole Wiik’s son in law, Henrik Thalbitzer, took over the company. With a M.Sc. in Agriculture from Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University and a partiality for tropical plant cultures, the aim has been to improve the quality of the products. To secure this, it is now the policy of the company to survey the raw materials from its beginning through the delivery to the end user.

Each year Wiik & Co. inspects several producers in every part of the world to secure that our orders are based on the best raw materials available in the market. It is important for us that the raw materials are treated correctly during the process, and that they live up to the quality standards and certifications of the manufacturer. We do not accept child abuse, and it is essential for us that the employees of the manufacturer work under decent conditions.

In 2001, Wiik & Co. A/S bought the food service and industrial division of B&K Food.

Wiik & Co. A/S Smedeland 6 DK-2600 Glostrup Tlf. +45 4343 2243 Fax +45 4343 2253